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Register .pk Domain: We are one of the leading company in Pakistan which is providing PK Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and all across the country at Cheap Rates and Lowest prices. Order your PK Domain today, and start enjoying our quality services and give your business an online presence.

Register PK Domain in Pakistan at Cheap Price

PK Domain

In Pakistan PK Domain is the top level country domain. Each country has it's own Tlds. In case of Pakistan the .pk domain is the country code top level domain (ccTLDs). In addition of .PK, PKNIC Registry has a lot of other Tlds some of them can be registered by anyone from within or outside the Pakistan, without any paper work or documentation while some of the Tlds require proper documentation and you cannot buy the domain if you don’t fulfill all the terms and conditions stated by PKNIC. Usually their are different documents and terms for each Tlds, which we will describe in detail later on. We will discuss all the Tlds which are offered by PKNIC Registry on our website in detail and you can buy any top level of second level Pakistani country code domain from our website at cheap price.

Domain Registration

In Pakistan the IT industry has developed significantly and software houses, freelancers, developers, designers and bloggers are playing their roles to send a better image of Pakistan to the whole world. With the export of softwares and other IT services, this sector is earning billions of dollars each year to improve the economy of the country. So in this era of technology, when the competition is at it's peak and definitely will increase with time you can not survive in business or compete your competitor if you don't have your online presence. So here we are to provide you quality and hassle free services of PK Domain Registration in Pakistan. If you live in Pakistan and your business is at local, domestic level then we suggest you, you must need to bring your business online and make it a brand. As you know there are millions of people surfing the internet each second, so if your business is online then you will have more audience and customers and you will have bright chances to earn more.

Register PK Domain Name

In Pakistan there are limited companies you can register a PK Domain from. We are happy to tell you that we are one of the leading PK Domain Registrar in Pakistan and we sell all types of PK Domains. As we are top reseller of PK Domain we can provide you all the top and second level PK Domains at cheap prices which will have no market match. You can compare our prices with rest of the companies and you will know that we are the only company who is providing the customer cheap pk domain names with best facilities and services. From our website you can buy all the second level PK domains which are .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .EDU.PK, .ORG.PK, .BIZ.PK, .FAM.PK and we also deal in other Government domains i.e .GOP.PK, .GOV.PK .GOS.PK, .GOB.PK, .GKP.PK and GOK.PK. We also deal in International domain Tlds which are .COM, .NET and .INFO etc. So just tell us which domain name you want, and we will provide it to you in no time.

Domain Registration in Pakistan

The fee of PK domain is charged on biennial basis, which means you can register a domain for minimum two years and maximum ten years. You cannot register or renew a domain for the period of one year. If you are a business owner in Pakistan or if you live abroad and hold a business there, then the best option you have is to buy a pk domain related to your business and give your business online presence. Spread your business online on social networks and if you own a pk domain then you can communicate easily and professionally with your clients and your customers will have complete idea about your products and services. Having a company website in PK extension is a symbol that the business is related to Pakistan. After two years, domain get expired and you will have to pay the renewal fees to keep your website online, and renewal fee is usually the same as the registration fee and is charged after two years. We are number 1 PK Domain registrar in Pakistan with PKNIC top reseller. We will provide you all pk extension domains at cheap prices with same renewal and registration prices. So what you are waiting for, find your favorite domain name and order today for your business website or domain name registration.

Domain Registration in Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of Punjab Province. This city has the 2nd highest population, in the country. There are lot of domain registration and web hosting companies working in this city. If you are looking for cheap domain registration in Lahore, then you can buy it from PK Domain, which is one of the top domain hosting company in Lahore. It is one of top developed city in Pakistan, and has the fastest growing software and hardware industry. It has more software houses and freelancers than any other city of Pakistan. If you are a student, teacher, professor, doctor, engineer, professional, shopkeeper, company owner, freelancer, web designer, developer, app developer or you have any other skills, and if you want to make some more income from your expertise, knowledge and skills then creating an online platform in the form of website to get in contact with your targeted audience is the best way to make more revenue from your limited resources. It does not cost you much, we are one of the best domain registration company in Lahore. Contact us today to get our hassle free domain hosting services. We also provide web designing and development services, so we can assist you in building your brand online, which will ultimately increase your revenue and your business will grow at a much faster pace.

Domain Registration in Karachi

Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan. It has vast infrastructre of industries, and mankind force. It has two seaports and most of the exports of the country took place from this route. Most of the industries are located in this city of Pakistan, as the environment, circumstances and location of this city suits the businessmen. If you live in Karachi and want to promote your services and products online, then for this purpose you will need a domain and hosting, to build an online store, portfolio, or company website. PK Domain is best domain registration company in Karachi. We are providing cheap domain registration in Karachi. You can buy a domain name in any extension from us. For example if you want to sell your products or services to any other country's citizens, lets say you want to sell your services in Australia, or England etc then you can buy a domain, .au, .eu,, or .uk extension, to target the audience of those specific countries. It is a great opportunity to increase your revenues. So buy today a your favorite domain from us. If you want to grow your business at a faster pace, then building an online presence is a must do thing. You can check most of the top brands and multinational companies are already available on the world wide web.

Domain Registration in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is one of the most developed city of Pakistan. The literacy rate is very high in this city, and it is one of the most expensive cities of Pakistan. According to a report published in famous newspaper, if you want to start a new business in Pakistan, then Islamabad is the best place to start your business from. The city has it's roots in the Information Technology services, and houses several multinational IT Companies. We are providing domain registration in Islamabad at low prices. There are lot of domain registration and web hosting companies working in this city. But PK Domain is the top domain registration company in Pakistan. It deals in all kind of tlds, infact you can buy domain name in any extension, at cheapest price from PK Domain. If you want to target the local audience to sell you products and services then we recommend you to buy a domain in .Pk domain extension, which is Pakistan's top level domain extension. If the scope of your product is international, and you want to sell your services to other countries internet users, then you can buy a domain in .com extension. If you have any questions, or want some advice regarding domain name selection you can contact our support team.

Best Domain Registrar

If you want to know which company is the best domain registrar in Pakistan. Then it is a topic of debate, as according to different people, the answer to this question will be different. In fact it is based on your needs, which makes a company best registrar or worst registrar. If a company can provide you all the services related to domain registration without wasting your time, at a reasonable price. Then in my opinion that company holds the title of best domain registrar in your region. In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and all other cities of Pakistan, PK Domain is one of the top domain registrar. It deals in all extensions of .Pk domains, generic domains, new domain extension, and country code top level domains. Hence you can avail our international standard domain registration, dns management services in a reasonanle price.

Register Domain Name

With so many ISP companies in Pakistan, now it seems the era of technology, as everyone have his own mobile, laptop and home computer. Information technology is making more and more roots in our lifestyle with the passage of time. So all the professionals, skilled people, companies, organizations, institutions and brands are making their IT based windows in the form of world wide web to directly meet their potential customers. So if you want to register a domain, just search your domain name in above domain search bar, and follow the steps to register a domain name in your required extension. Just fill the form, and select the additional services like SSL certificate, web hosting etc if you need, and send us your order online. You can also use the contact us page to contact our sales team to get any assistance you want to register your domain name in minutes.

Cheap Domain in Pakistan

With the more and more companies created each day, this field has become one of the most competitive business in the country. So now domain registration companies has to work more hard, to keep the clients happy and satisfied, by assisting them, and resolving their issues if the have any related to domain name. We being PKNIC top reseller, and hosting more than 5000 domain names in different extensions, are happy to tell you we are gold member of several domain extensions. As we are well experienced in this field, so you can also have a share of benefit in the form of special discount which we are providing to all our clienets by selling them all domain names at cheap rates. So get benefit from our low prices and buy a cheap domain in Pakistan in minutes. We will take care of the dns, and will inform you of domain renewals when the date of expiration will come closer.

Domain Registration Charges

Different companies in Pakistan are charging different prices of domains. But we can make sure our services are extra ordinary good as compared to other companies, and we have cheap prices for all domain extensions. From our company you can buy a .pk domain in only 1975 PKR. Even after the rise of dollar prices, we have kept our domain registration charges intact. Our main focus is the growth of your business. So we are here to provide you all PK Domains, and generic domains such as .com, .net, .org etc at cheap price. The prices of generic domains are mentioned in the domain registration page. If you need any more details about domain registration charges of any specific country's domain then you can call us. We do not have any hidden charges, and once you make the payment, your order will be cleared quickly.

How to Register a Domain

Many people who are not much fluent with the domain registration and web hosting terminology, get confused with the so many geek terms, about how to register a domain and how to build a website. We have resolved this issue for you, our dedicated sales team is available any time to provide you detailed answers of your queries. The procedure to register a domain is very easy. Just search your domain name in above domain search bar, select your name in the required extension, and add web hosting package if you don't have already one, and fill the form of registrant name and select the payment method. In this way your domain will be registered in few minutes. Still if you have any issue then you are more than welcome to get assistance of our sales representative and he/she will do your required task in minutes.

Register Free Domain Name

Keeping in mind the needs of different clients we have created special packages for everyone. You can get benefit from these packages. We are offering a free generic top level domain e.g .com, .org, .net and .info with an yearly web hosting package. You can also register free .pk Domain from our company, but for a .pk domain whose minimum time period of registration is two years according to PKNIC terms and conditions, you will require to purchase a two years web hosting plan to get a free PK Domain. We do not imply any additional hidden charges, domains are completely free with web hosting packages. Our web hosting services are also one of the most appreciated and top rated in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and all across Pakistan. We have SSD dedicated servers located in UK, USA and Canada data centers.

How to Buy Domain Name Forever/ Permanently

If you want to buy your domain name forever, or you are looking for a way to know how to register a domain permanently, then we can guide you in this regard. Right now there is not any such way in which you can buy a domain forever. You can register a domain for just a couple of years, right now you can buy a domain for maximum of 10 years. There is not any other possible way to register a domain for more than 10 years. If you want to register a domain name for 10 years, then you can get special discount from PK Domain, we being top reseller of .pk Domains, and gold member of many other domain extensions, can provide you special discount for registering a domain name for many years. For more details you can contact our sales team at contact us page.

ICANN Register Domain

ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non profit internationally recognized corporation, which has the responsibility to allocate Internet Protocol (IP) address space, protocol identifier assignment, gTLD (generic top level domains) and ccTLD (country code top level domain) name system management. ICANN is the main registry who has the rights to register, renew and transfer a domain in a gTLD. It has given the rights to it's accredited registrars to register domains for users on his behalf and create a WHOIS record on the behalf of registrant's name. We being top reseller of PKNIC can register any domain in .PK Domain extension for you, and we can also register your required domain in any other ccTLD, or gTLD.

PKNIC .PK Domain Discount

If you are looking for PKNIC discount coupon, and want to purchase a .PK domain in discounted price then you are at right place. We are a top reseller of PKNIC and can register a .pk domain in any PK domain extension. For example you can register your domain name in .pk,,,, etc. We are selling PKNIC domain at cheap price. If you want to buy PKNIC domains in bulk quantity then we can give you special discount. To know exactly how much discount you get on what number of domains you can talk with our sales representative by contacting through the contact us page or through our contact number. We are selling PKNIC domains in Pakistan at low price. So don't waste any moment, and build your brand online buy giving your business a name today.

Best Domain Registrar in Pakistan

There are thousands of companies working in Pakistan, but most of the biggest companies are located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc. It solely depends on the taste of the user, how he ranks different companies. But if we talk about services, customer support, response time to resolve the issues, and prices of services. Then PK Domain company ranks in top five companies of Pakistan. The number of clients in our company are increasing at a fast pace. Our prices are cheap as compare to other companies, and the services are best. We have special discounts for students. If you are a student, and too much passionate about technology and wants to create an online platform, then we can give you special discount on all domain hosting, web designing, development and all the addition services which you select.

Domain Purchase in Lahore

Lahore being centre of Information technology industry of Pakistan, houses more IT companies than any other city of Pakistan. As there are lot of ISP companies working in this 2nd most populated and one of the most developed city of Pakistan. The competition is really high in every field of life. The literacy rate of this city is very high an the people of Lahore are very progressing, and goal oriented. So they don't get settled for anything less than best. Keeping in view the atmosphere of the IT market, we have given special prices to our products and services. So you can purchase domain in Lahore from our company at best prices. We deal in almost all the services related to apps, websites, and software development. Just contact us and tell us your requirements we will provide you with best domain registration services.

How to Buy Domain from Godaddy in Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan and want to know how to buy a domain from Godaddy in Pakistan, then we can help you in this regard. It is very easy to register a domain with Godaddy, all you have to do is open the Godaddy website, enter the domain name in the domain search bar which you want to register, and check the domain availability by pressing on the search button. If the domain is already registered, then you can try with some other keywords to find a domain of your choice. Once you find your required domain name is available in the required domain extension, then you can add that domain in the cart and proceed to check out. Add any additional services you want and make payment via credit or debit card. In this way your domain will be registered from Godaddy in Pakistan.

Country Domains

Each Country has it's on unique Country Code Top Level Domain Name which is also referred as ccTLD. In Pakistan .PK is top level country code domain, it identifies that the website is related to Pakistan. The privacy, terms and policy of each country's domain is different. If we talk about country domains in Pakistan. Then we have a lot of variety in tlds. For example you can use .PK,, .Net.Pk, .Web.Pk and for any purpose. .Edu is reserved for educational institutes and departments. Other domain extensions e.g .Gov.PK and .GOP.PK etc can only be used by institutions, organizations and departments registered by the relevant government department. Legal domains can only be used for official purposes by the authorized person of that department. Contact us to order and to know the requirements of and Legal domain extensions.

Generic Domains

We at deal in all kind of gTLDs. You can buy any generic top level domain from us to give a name to your website. Examples of generic domains are .Com, .Net, .Org, .Biz, .Info. .Co, .TV and .Me etc. All these domains come with no objection certificate. You can register any of these domains and give your company or business online presence. These domain extensions are very famous and well known throughout the world. So you can build a website with any of these domain extension and target the mass international internet audience. Register your domain today with us at cheap prices. We also provide DNS management and Whois information protection services for all gTLDs. You can also transfer your domain to our company to get free technical support and services related to domain management.

New Domains

In addition of International domains and country code top level domains we also deal in off-beat TLDs. As it is not an easy task to find a perfect name for your company and business. So you must have lot of options if you are unable to find a domain .com, .net etc. So to resolve your problem ICANN has launched many new off-beat TLDs. Now you can get a domain name which is itself a keyword and can fit best with your company name. Some examples of off-beat TLDs are .Video, .Photography, .Audio, .Guru, .Name and .Country etc. These domains came with NOC (No Objection Certificate), mean anybody can use it for any purpose, from any part of the world. From our website you can register any domain name in new or old off-beat TLDs. We deal in all kind of domain extensions. So contact us today to get your domain name registered at cheap rates.

Free PK Domain

We have a good news for our current clients and new clients. Now we are offering a free PK Domain with each two years web hosting plan. As you know our domain registration and web hosting prices are very cheap. So now you can get a free PK Domain if you purchase our biennial web hosting package. Try our web hosting services today with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. If you are new to all this stuff. You can contact our technical support team, they will guide you about domain name and web hosting services in Pakistan.

PKNIC Prepaid Cards

Now all Pakistani individuals, bloggers and entrepreneurs can buy PKNIC prepaid card online from our website at low prices. You can use each PKNIC prepaid card for one domain credit. This domain credit can be used for registration or renewal of any pkdomain. Our prices of PKNIC prepaid card are very less. We can also offer you special discount if you buy PKNIC Prepaid cards in Bulk quantity. We are PKNIC top reseller and can provide you cheap PK domains and prepaid cards throughout the country.

PK Domain Hosting is one of the best Domain registration company in Pakistan. Our head office is located in Gulberg, Lahore. We deal in domain and hosting, web designing, development, outsourcing, CMS installation and logo designing services. If you are not already our client then we suggest you to pick a PK Domain name today to target the Pakistani mass internet audience and sell your product and services online. Our services are reliable and prices are affordable.

Buy Domain

You can buy your favorite domain name in any Pakistani ccTLDs i.e .Pk, .Com.Pk, .Net.Pk or you can give your website any international TLD e.g .Com, .Net, .Org. You can also purchase a website or company name in generic TLds e.g .guru, .name, .accountant etc. Just check the domain name availability from above domain name search bar and let us know which domain name you have decided for your business or personal use. We will happily serve you with your favorite domain name in reasonable price. So grab your domain name today and give your business an online appearance.

Renew Domain

We also provide domain renewal services. If you have hosted your PK domain with us then we will inform you a few days ago when your domain expiry is coming. You can make the payment of your domain renewal and just tell us to renew your domain and we will do the same for you in no time. It is good approach to give the domain management services to any reliable and well known domain hosting company and concentrate on building your brand. Put maximum effort in launching and managing your website and we will handle the domain renewal issues for you.

Transfer Domain

If you own any PK domain and you are not happy with the domain hosting services by the company who is managing your website. Then you can transfer your domain to our company. We are in the field of domain registration and web hosting since more than a decade. We have a huge number of happy clients. Who are very happy with our services and customer support. You can transfer your domain to our panel to enjoy our hassle free quality services of domain registration and web hosting in Pakistan. Our technical support team is very active and always ready to resolve your issues.

Expired Domains

As we all know PK Domains are registered for a period of minimum two years. You cannot register it for a less time period than two years. After the two years period the domain gets expired and need to be renewed. If the owner make the renewal payment in time, the domain remains in the ownership and domain control panel. Otherwise it get expired and gets deactivated and goes into a hold period of 2, 3 weeks. You can give us opportunity to manage your domains. So you don't need to remember the expiry date and we will email you if the expiry date is near. In this way you can save your time and work more on your website to achieve new milestones in your business.

Newly Released Domains

Once the PK domain gets expired, it remain in hold by the PKNIC before it is released. If your domain name is good and has high value, then after the hold period it may not be released to general public for registration. As the high demand domain names if get expired are now sold by auction. Domain will be remain in hold for a specific period in which people can make bids according to their interests and domain will be sold out to highest bidder. So dear users if you want to know about newly PK Domain released list, then you can explore the relevant section in our website. After the expiry date, domain remains in the panel of owner if he wants to renew it. If the domain is not renewed in that specific period of 1, 2 weeks then domain goes out of the domain control panel and enters into the domain hold period, and cannot be renewed by the original owner unless it is released again.

New Domain Extensions

With the passage of time, as everything evolves, and new things happen. Similarly new Pk domain extensions came into existence with time. Now it is expected that PKNIC is going to launch a new domain extension which is .AC.PK. This domain extension can be used for academic websites, organizations and institutes as the name depicts. It can be a good alternative to domain which can only be registered by educational institutes on providing proper documentation. So stay in touch with us to know about new upcoming PK domain extensions.

Web Hosting Pakistan

We are one of the best and most reliable Web Hosting in Pakistan. Our head office is located in Lahore. We have created this website to serve the individuals, students and entrepreneurs with quality web hosting and domain name registration services. You can contact us from any part of the world, our prices are very reasonable and cheap as compared to other companies. We are providing shared web hosting, reseller, dedicated, ssl, ssd and vps web hosting services in all major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi etc. But our services are not limited to any city or country. We are dealing with all the local as well as international clients. You can order us your domain name in any local or international TLds, and we can also provide you with vps or dedicated server of any specific specs according to your business requirements and needs at cheap rates.

SSD Web Hosting

Storage space of a website or software on the web server is known as Web Hosting. HDD is most widely used in servers to store the data. HDD stands for Hard disk drive, and has rotating disk called platters. These platters are coated with magnetic material to store data on it. Whenever someone request a website on the internet, platters rotate to retrieve the data from specific location so it takes time and results in delay. Now new technology has been introduced which is named as SSD, this is well known as Solid State Drives and involves non-volatile flash memory to store data. As it does not involve any rotating or moving parts and in it data is stored in microchips so it serves the request efficiently and increases the website speed significantly. You can avail cheap SSD Web Hosting Services in Pakistan from our company.

SSL Web Hosting

The word SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer is a new technology which is used to create encrypted connection between host and client. You can see in browser if a website has https:// in start of its name, then it means the connection is secured by SSL certificate. SSLC is an industry standard and is now used by millions of websites. If you sell your products online and want to build trust with your customers then SSL certificate is a must have thing for your website. We are providing cheap SSL Web Hosting in Pakistan. Our web hosting services are very affordable and reliable. If you are not currently hosted on our web servers and still want the SSL certificate attached with your website. Then we can provide you SSL certificate at cheap rates. We will give you complete technical services at low prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. So contact us today and order your SSL Web Hosting to enjoy free SSL certificate in Pakistan.

Instant Domain Registration

If you want to register the PK Domain quickly. Then you can find your domain name from above search bar and make the order. Although our admin staff is very active and efficient but if you want the process of domain registration to be really fast and want to get your domain instantly before someone else register it, then after making the order, make the payment of your order from your convenient method and let us know about your order through the contact us page or live chat. As soon as we will acknowledge the order and confirmation of payment received we will register your desired domain for you instantly. We deal all kind of PK Domain Extensions, you will have to provide the additional essential documents if your want to register any legal domain, which have government tlds in the domain extension or domain. So that domain will take a little time to get registered because PKNIC policy is very strict about these domains. But we will register these domains for you quite quickly as compared to other domain registration companies in Pakistan.

PK Domain Whois Information

If you want to know about the domain availability or want to check the ownership of any PK Domain, then you can avail our services of PK Domain Whois Lookup. Although there is not much information available about registration party in Whois detail of PK Domains. But still you can get benefit from the limited information which is available in PK Domain Whois Record. In the information you can know which company or individual has registered the domain, company or individual address, city, province, DNS record and in some cases contact information too. So if a domain is already registered but the owner has yet not created any website on it. Then you can get benefit from the Whois information of that PK Domain and contact the owner and ask the relevant person if he/she is interested in selling you that specific domain.

DNS & Name Servers

After registering any PK domain from us, you can ask our technical team to update or change or assign new DNS to your domain any time. We will change your name servers which you will provide us instantly. If you are hosting your website on any VPS, or dedicated server and want to set your own name servers, we can also do this for you all you need to do is contact us through email or using the contact US page and let us know what you want to do with the Name Server of your domain and our technical team will do the task for you quickly. Buy any PK Domain today from to enjoy our hassle free DNS record management services. Just give us the Name Servers which are provided by your hosting company and leave the remaining work on us and start building your website and brand. Our staff is dedicated to provide you all assistance related to updating and managing DNS records. You can also purchase any hosting package from our website to host your website and get your website live in minutes.