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Cloud Hosting in Pakistan

PK Domain is offering cheap Cloud Hosting in Pakistan. With the evolution and advancement in technology, the web hosting companies have started providing a new type of web hosting known as Cloud Web Hosting. So if you are looking for various options to host your website online, then definitely you will come across this hosting term. It is a popular option these days, but it is very new, so there will be only a handful of hosts who will be providing such solutions. As it is getting popularity so, soon more and more companies will start offering it, and the customer will get benefit from it, as with the increased number of cloud hosting provier, the competition will increase in market and customer will be able to get this web hosting solution at cheap price.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is composed of several cluster of servers, which means your website can use the virtual resources of several servers to accomodate all the aspects of hosting your website online. Hardware resources are available virtually which can be increased and decresed as per your needs, load is balanced, and security is enabled. So in the Term Cloud Hosting, the cluster of servers represents the cloud.

Who Can Get Benefit from Cloud Hosting?

If your site often gets suspended on shared hosting, and you are facing resrouces limit issues due to increase in traffic, then cloud hosting can be a useful solution for your web site. If your website has become very popular, and it need more resources, then previously our solution was to move our website to dedicated server. The problem with dedicated server is that it is very expensive and you need a certain level of knowledge to manage the dedicated server, whereas the cloud hosting provides you many advantages over dedicated hosting with relatively less cost.

Scalability: Cloud Web Hosting offers Resources Scalability

The best advantage of cloud web hosting is the scalability. Just imagine a group of cloud, your website is running on these clouds, if there is a rise in traffic, or your website need more resources, then you can just gather more clouds around your website to keep it running, and avoiding and downtime of services and when the load is off from your website you can let the additional clouds float away, this hosting option is very handy and dream come true for all those websites which have spikes in resources.

Example: For example you own a website, which sells products online, so when a special event comes, or your company offers a special deal to customers, then you will face sudden rise in traffic, and if your website is hosted on shared hosting, the host can suspend your website, and you will need to move your website to dedicated server, to provide the needed resrouces to keep your website online. Afte this even has passed, then still your website will be on dedicated server, which is an expensive option, so you will then again move your website back to some cheap web hosting option, so in this example you are just struggling with your web host, and you have also lost your potential customers which could increase your revenue and ultimately profit. So if you move your website to a cloud hosting, then you can control your resources as this special kind of hosting provides you with the scalability option, you can increase your resources when you are expecting huge traffic, and once the season or that special event is gone, you can left the additional resources and can enjoy a cheap web hosting without moving your websites from one hosting provider to another.

Use Additional Services on Demand

When your website needs additional resources at that moment, you do not have the time to connect customer support and ask your host to increase the resources for example bandwidth allotment etc. There is a great risk of website suspension of you are facing a sudden rise in traffic. If your website got suspended then it will no longer available online, if your customers or readers will face a downtime on your website, then it is a bad impression, and you can lose your potential customers or loyal readers. With cloud hosting you can increase the resources immediately, whenever your website need it. This can save you from lot of headache and may save your potential customers from goving away from your website, because the process is seamless and your website will keep performing optimally in the duration you upgrade your resources and your readers will not feel any change or face any downtime.

Savings: with Cloud Hosting Only Pay for what you haved Used

In old days when your website face spikes in traffic, your host would have suspended your website, and you will have to move your website to dedicated server, which cost a lot of money and it is also important to realize that your website does not need all the resources of dedicated server, or may be did not need them all the time, so the money we spent on dedicated server was wasted on unused resources and services. Whereas in case of cloud web hosting you only pay for the resources you have used. When you no longer need those resources, you can let those resources go and no longer you will be charged for those additional resources.

Cloud Web Hosting Pakistan offers you with scalability, immediacy and savings, and you can run your website efficiently. You can increase and decrease the resources whenever you need them, you can get when you need and what you need and you will only pay for the resources you use. Which makes the cloud web hosting, one of the best and most reliable web hosting solutions available at the moment.

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