Dedicated Server in Pakistan

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Dedicated Server in Pakistan

PkDomain is offering reliable and affordable Windows / Linux Dedicated Server hosting in Pakistan. We are providing both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers in Pakistan. Our dedicated servers have genuine hardware with Intel CPUs, they are both Linux and Windows based most reliable and affordable loacted in the world's most secured data centers of USA, UK and Canada. Now we also support multiple OS systems and software support with instant reloads and reboots.

Web Server in Pakistan

Dedicated Servers are best options for websites and applications that requires highly extensive resources. It is equally best for you if you have an ecommerce website (storefront), or a streaming media site, or if you want to run an application that requires specific custom software installation. If you are facing issues with shared and vps hosting, and your potential customers and loyal readers are facing downtime in your services, due to extensive growth in your website traffic, a VPS server is no more capbale of handling the heavy traffic then it is the perfect time for you to move your website to Dedicated Server in Pakistan. Dedicated Server is more secure and reliable as compared to shared or vps hosting, as in this type of hosting you have great control on the physical server and you can install hardware and software of your own choice, thus it is ideal for creating an environment that will suit best with your website. It is more reliable, secure, fast and customizable. With dedicated server you have complete control on the server hardware, software and environment, and you can provide disk space or bandwidth resources to your website as much you want.

Dedicated Server Solutions

If you are looking for Dedicated Server in Pakistan, then you need to look no further, as we have perfect solutions for all your dedicated hosting needs. If you want to host multiple websites, or files or database intensive SQL Server applications then our dedicated server suits best with your needs. Our services will meet your expectations if you want to setup professional email server, want to create your own virtualization environment or need any other high available dedicated server solution. PkDomain is providing cheap dedicated server in Pakistan.

Feel free to discuss with us your dedicated server needs, and our engineers will provide you with the perfect dedicated hosting solution. We are providing a wide range of solutions in dedicated hosting and offer you a number of solutions e.g HA Solution for resource intensive application, professional email setup solution for diverse requirement, dynamic database design storage solutions etc. Our all hosting packages have cPanel integrated so you can also use GUI based control panel to manage your applications.

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