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What is Web Hosting?

Cheap Web Hostig in Pakistan - It is a service that enables the individuals or organizations to post a web page, website or application online on the internet and a Web Hosting Provider which is also known as Web Host is a business that provides the services and technologies required for the web page or website to become online and viewable in the internet. The data of websites is stored on special computers called servers. When someone wants to view a webpage, he types the web address or domain name in the browser and then his computer will connect with the server of the website and the web page will be served to him by the server through the browser. If you want to host a web page or any content online, then you are required to own a domain name, if you already do not own one, then your web hosting company will help you to purchase one.

Cheap Hosting in Pakistan

Web Hostig in Pakistan - There are so many veriables, and geek terms used in web hosting, that it seems really complicated and people get confused with different types of web hosting, when they plan to start a website online. When we access a website, we indeed receive a bunch of code writted in different languages. Our browser, converts this code into something which we can understand like text, buttons and images etc. A webpage is composed of code and many other files, and computer is required to host all this data, this computer can be similar to our computers, but the main difference is the data or webpage is hosted on a computer which has public IP, which means the website is available online to the general public to view it anytime. The special computer in which the website is stored is called the server. The company which manages and sell the space on servers is known as Web Hosting Provider or you can also call it your web host. It usually provides a bunch of services like server management, backups, malware scanning and support etc.

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

Cheap Web Hostig Company in Pakistan - Web hosting service is a a type of internet service in which the organizations and individuals make their websites online accessible to the users via the world wide web. Web Host is a company which owns the special computers known as servers and provides the space on servers for use by clients in addition of the internet connectivity in the data center. If you are looking for a web host, then the easiest way is first figure out which type of web hosting services you need, and then you can search different companies which are providing those services, which meet your web hosting needs. There are different ways to categories the hosting packages, one way is to make different packages in accordance with the technology used in the server. In this way there are four different types of Web Hosting namely Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud.

The second way to understand the type of web hosting services is look at the level of management offered by company. As you all know, server is exactly same thing as your home computer and you can run OS and softwares on it, same as you do on your home computer. Similarly as we maintain and manage our computer at home, the server also needs to be updated, maintaned and managed by someone. Mostly WEB Hosting companies offer server management, but you can also buy unmanaged server and do all the management task yourself. If we talk about resources then we can say a managed server means less work with less flexibility whereas an unmanaged sever means more work with more flexibility. In web hosting, managed and unmanaged servers are too extreme and there is a services spectrum between them. Some good web hosting companies also offer additioanl services like malware scanning, backups, SSL Certificates, level of support, platform specific serves (e.g: Wordpress, Joomla etc) and many more.