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What is Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting in Pakistan - If you want to give your business an online presence or want to build a website then, you will need some space on a publicly available server, connected with the internet, easily accessible via browser, in simple words web hosting. I hope you are fully aware of the term web hosting, what it means and why it is essential to bring your website online on the world wide web. You might have even checked through few web hosting providers to know how much it will cost you. It is possible that you might be confused and unable to make a decision about which company to choose and what hosting package to select. It is pretty normal as even the experienced developers have a tough time in deciding which hosting package they should select by keeping in view the required applications, and resources which their special application or website will need to perform optimal online. Now it is very important that your website should provide good user experience, so it is really important to know the factors which are required to make your website fast, and efficient. Because if your website will not open quickly, then user may switch to some other website which is faster to get the information or services which you are providing through your website, so in this way you can lose your potential customers. In this article we will see what are different kinds of web hosting services and which factors to keep in mind while figuring out a web hosting package for your website.

Understand How Hosting Works

Cheap Hosting in Pakistan - Before moving to web hosting types we first need to understand how web hosting works in general. When you open any website, in that instance what actually happens is your computer opens the website through browser, and your browser converts the codes and scripts and access the different files from several folders to give you a visual representation of that website. A website is comprised of CSS, Javascripts, PHP, .Net and bunch of other codes, which are placed on a server, and this server is connected with the internet and people can access, read, convert or use those files whenever they want through their browser. A sever is same as our home computer, but it is more powerful, with great specs, applications and addons, thus making it possible to access the same data to lot of people at the same time. So you will always need a Web Host to make your website online, usually Web hosting companies provide many additional services which are very useful such as server management, website building, daily or monthly backups, malware scanning, SSL certificates etc.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Cheap Hosting Pakistan - As we have already told you Web Hosting is a complicated term, and involves so many variables, and geek terms, that newbies get confused with all these geek terms. So we try to simplify the things a bit so you can easily understand different types of web hosting services. In one way these services can be categorized on the basis of server setup and the amount of resources and access you have on this server. Thus based on server setup, and allocated resources we can categorize Web Hosting services in following types:

  • Free Web hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Self-Service Hosting

Like your home computer, the server is also required to be managed, maintained and upgraded. So we can also categorize the web hosting services on the basis of management level offered by the hosting provider. Most of the hosts provides managed hosting, but you can also find some companies which just give you unmanaged server and you can manage it yourself. The difference with managed and unmanaged web hosting is, that when the company manages your server it charge you more and you have less flexibility, and if you manage your server yourself, you pay the company less and does the hard work yourself, thus you have more flexibility in resources. But you need really good skills to manage things on your own. In some companies the web hosting packages can also be categorized in accordance with the additional services provided by the company. Such as now a days companies also provide the some very useful additional services such as malware scanning, backups, degree of support, site builders, one click script installations, SSL Certificates and much more.

If you want to know, what can be a basic web hosting plan, than in our opinion it should include atleast three things, like if you go with shared hosting fully managed by company, then you should consider Backups, and SSL Certificates additional services to enjoy a good hassle free start of your website. Ofcourse you will need to keep things according to your budget, because more additional services will make the things more expensive. Lets now have a look on different types of web hosting plans.

As we have already told you Web Hosting is a complicated term, and involves so many variables, and geek terms, that newbies get confused with all these geek terms. So we try to simplify the things a bit so you can easily understand different types of web hosting services. In one way these services can be categorized on the basis of server setup and the amount of resources and access you have on this server. Thus based on server setup, and allocated resources we can categorize Web Hosting services in following types:

Free Web Hosting

Some companies offer free web hosting services, which have very limitd resources such as bandwidth, disk space and addon domains and soon you will have to switch to the premium web hosting plans. While some other companis also claim to give you free web hosting, such as Wordpress, Blogger etc but it is indeed not true. For example Wordpress lets you create a free website on wordpress.com, but it is indeed a subdomain, not a separate domain and it will have an address of something like this url, yourwebsite.wordpress.com. Such companies provide the facility to remove the company name and you can connect your own www.yourwebsite.com domain but for this you will have to choose any of the premium plan to upgrade your website to a custom domain. When we create a free website, in it most of the time we think we have created a free website, but indeed technically we have not created any free website, and we were working, and creating pages and content on someone else website. Usually such free hosting websites display some sort of ads in your website, it can be in your domain name, e.g yoursite.wordpress.com, in it wordpress.com is the company name which you do not own, so you cannot use such a domain to create brand or company website. In addition such hosting providers also sho ads on your pages to earn revenue, in this way you can lost your potential customers.

When To Use the Free Web Hosting Service

This kind of platform is good only if you want to create a website to just merely share your thoughts. It has limited customization options, but usually have good community to respond to your problems and questions, and your website will be up and online within a minutes. Such sites have limited search engine optimization addons and plugins, but you can use free templates in it. But if you want to create a brand online, or want to offer some professional services, than a website on free web hosting plateform will make things look unprofessional. So if you are just a startup and dont want to invest much in the business, still you can think about investing a few bucks for hosting, and buying a custom domain to represent your brand. It will not cost you much, but you can give a complete professional look buy using some cheap web hosting and building on website on some free CMS, which usually have unlimited customization options and can be fully optimized keeping in view the search engine requirements.

Shared Hosting in Pakistan

Cheap Shared Web Hosting in Pakistan - In this kind of web hosting the first thing which lure the indviduals is the free domain, most of the companies give a free domain name with shared web hosting, it is a more like a tradition now. It is also the cheapest packages with a free domain, so what do you need more? Wait a second this option is only considerable if your website is small with low traffic. You can understand it, why i said that, when i will explain you about how the shared hosting works. This category belongs to ancient times, when there was not much internet traffic, and the hosting was really expensive, and people can not afford it. So in this type the resources of a server are shared between many websites. In other words your website will be sharing the space on a server with other websites. When there will be large number of websites on single server, the resources will be divided, thus the company can sell the space at really cheap price. Companies put large number of users on single server, these numbers vary company to company thus categorize different companies according to their performance. If we consider that a company has sold the 1000 web hosting accounts from a server, then it is also possible, that these 1000 clients have purchased different packages, so they will be hosting multiple websites, depending on the hosting plan they have selected while signing up. In this scenario a server can have as many as 5000 websites.

Cheap Shared Hosting in Pakistan - As we all know a server is like a home computer, which we use, although it is more powerful than our home computer, but still it has limited resources such as CPU, Ram and Hard disk space. As we can see now all these 5000 websites are using the same limited resources. The story does not end here, there is also the traffic, which means, the server will have to work more, whenever a visitor visits the website, the sever will have to open all the files of that website. If other websites are not fully optimized they can eat your resources too and will make your website to open really slow, and in worst scenario, your visitors can face 404 page not found errors if your website took really long to load. Now if all the 5000 websites hosted on single server have just 3 visitors per day then, these visitors will multiply with total websites which means 15000 requests will multiply with the total number of files hosted on the server, so all your server resources are eaten up and your website will be facing downtime. It does not matter how much promises a company made while signup to its users, if the company is not good, have poor management skills, and less experience, than your website will face too many issues. Thus providing drastically bad user experience to all the visitors.

Cheap Shared Hosting Pakistan - There are lot of other issues which should be kept in mind while considering shared hosting. For example as we know most of the people who have less budget, and who are inexperienced, newbies, prefer to buy the shared hosting, to learn and experiment things, in this case. If the website which is created and hosted on the same server has some bugs in the code, then this alone website can use 60 to 70% of Ram, forcing the other large number of website to use the remaing 30 to 40 percent of Ram resources. Some websites can have massive amount of traffic, which means it will eat up your resources too and your website will open at snails pace. After all these issues still you will not be able to understand where the problem is, why your website is loading so slow, because you don't have access of server and you can't know what is going on the server. If we think fairly, the web hosting company will be busy in solving all these issues, they will be talking with the owner of website which have wrong codes, and also they will be resolving the issues with high traffic website by temporarily disabling it. But such incidents will keep poping up, and issues will keep arising at slower or fast pace. Because a very large number of websites are hosted on this server and your website will fail to get a decent speed. In such a case you can request your host company to change your server, they might help you, and things may work better than before for your website.

When to Use Shared Web Hosting

We know there are so many issues in a shared web hosting, but it is not completely useless, it still have some worth. It can be used in some cases. For example if you want to create a personal website, like a personal diary, which expects to have less or no traffic from search engines. Or if your business is ver new, and does not have any steady traffic. This option is also feasible if your website is in development phase and you want to test it. But if you have budget issues and you can't invest much in the start of website, and you think it is the only option you have, as not everyone can start a company website with VPS or Dedicated Server, then you must go with it. Not all shared hostig provider companies are bad, some have really strict policies, and they have efficient control on the issues arising, thus making it possible to provide equal resources to all the websites hosted on a server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Cheap VPS Hosting in Pakistan - VPS which is commonly known as Virtual Private Server Hosting is next level of Shared Web Hosting. It is very popular now a days among webmasters due to its architect, which provides the balanced and fair usage of resources of a server in a fairly nominal price. It is an advanced form of traditional shared hosting, in this type the users are allowed to shared the physical resources of the server in entirely different way than the traditional shared web hosting. In such type of hosting the company usually sells the server to no more than 20 users. So there will be less load on the server, as there is a certain limit on the overall number of users, using the same machine. The real advantage of using a VPS is that it has a special function or characteristic named as virtual machine monitor or hypervisor.

Cheap VPS Cloud Hosting in Pakistan - With the help of Hypervisor, a software, we can divide the resouces of a server (host machine) into serveral virtual machines, also known as guest machines. So we can define the Virtual Private Server a kind of web hosting in which the server is divided into multiple virtual computers and each guest machine has its own specific amount of dedicated Ram, CPU and Hard Disk Drive space. With this advanced technology a separate virtual machine is created for each user. So lets assume if the server has 15 users, it means the host machine is split into 15 guest machines, which will have equal distribution of server resources such as CPU, HDD and Ram. If the host machine has 2TB GB of HDD, 64 GB Ram then in this example each user account or Virtual machine will be having 4.27GB Ram, and 133.33GB Hard disk drive space. The benefit of such kind of web hosting is that the other users cannot use the resources of the server more than the allocated limit, thus it VPS makes sure that other user's sites dont suffer. So if due to problemtic code, or high volume of traffic the users resources hit the limit, then their website may go down, but it will not effect your website in any way.

VPS Hosting in Pakistan - VPS Hosting is much more flexible than the traditional shared hosting, as you can install the essential addons, and scripts on your virtual machine and thus can configure your own required environment in which your website or software can give optimal user experience. Whereas in shared hosting if a minor change is made in the server, it will effect all the users, and the server environment will be changed for everyone. A VPS is like a small server, so you can configure your own environment, without effecting other users, this factor is very helpful for developers to run different kind of applications, stores, websites and softwares, and they appreciate it too. An other advantage of VPS is the scalability, using this kind of hosting, you can scale up the resources your website is using, and if your website need more resources you can contact the web hosting company, and it will take not much time, to upgrade your package and allocate your website more resources, thus saving the downtime and in this way you can protect your potential customers.

When to Use VPS Web Hosting

VPS Hosting Pakistan - The small difference in the price of shared hosting and VPS Plan is based on the additional resources and services which are allocated to your website. If your website is performing well, and need more space and computing power, it means your site is really doing great, so in that case it is worth to spend some extra bucks to keep your website running smoothly. So it is advisable to all the webmasters, who want to build their brand online and who do not want to lose their potential customers, and want to give top level user experience to their vistors, give a try to VPS based plan and feel the difference. You must give it a try if you do not have any budget issues. It will definitely give a new life to your website. Later on in this article you will also discuss that a good VPS server with high Scalability is preferred over a low quality dedicated server, we will discuss it in detail soon.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Cheap Dedicated Server in Pakistan - In a dedicated server hosting plan, a single website enjoys all the resources and hardware of the server. So the problematic websites and faulty coding is no more issue and if any such issue still exist then it is due to your own website. Because now you are alone on the server. So like Virtual Private Server in Dedicated Hosting you don't need to worry of other users mistakes as nobody can use the server resources except you. With a dedicated plan you have more flexibility and you can customize your server according to your needs. For example you can select what type of and how much Ram to use in the server, and which hardware to equip your server with. You also have the facility to change the operating system or decide on which OS your server will run. Which means you have all the control and flexibilty to decide what to equip with your machine and when to make any changes in the software or hardware, this can be pretty useful if you want to run any special software on your server, and for that special software, website or application you can create the specific environment, essential to run the software properly and efficiently.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting in Pakistan - If you are not familiar with the server technology, and it is hard for you to manage the server yourself then you can select a managed dedicated server plan. On the other hand there is unmanaged dedicated server, in which all the management and maintenance is your duty, you will have to install the operating system and all the addons, tools, applications to run the server properly. You will also have to manage security yourself. This can be wonderful for some, and for others it can be a headache. So if you are really interested in dedicated hosting, then it is your best choice to hire a server admin, who can do all the behind scenes tasks. Hiring someone is your best best because managing a server takes lot of time, which can be used on other activities to boost the success of your website.

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in Pakistan - With a managed dedicated hosting plan you can enjoy the degree of flexibility and complete control on the server, which will be beneficial for your website. For example, you can install the softwares and applications to run your website efficiently, or you can add as many tools you want to increase the speed of your website. There are many benefits of this plan, but we will have to keep in mind the other aspects too, for example hardware issues. For example in a VPS environment if some hardware get failed, the hosting company will replace it as soon possible. Whereas in case of a dedicated hosting environment, it may take time, especially if you were managing and maintaining the server yourself, and it was your duty to keep an eye on the health of the server.

When to Use a Dedicated Server

Cheapest Dedicated Server in Pakistan - So the question arises here, is the dedicated server worth using, and when using a dedicated server plan is our best bet. In our opinion with evolution in the web hosting industry, the Cloud VPS is making it's root in the industry, and now even a website with heavy traffic, can be easily managed without dedicated server. We completely agree with your opinion that dedicated server environment can beat the traditional VPS in some aspects, but still if you keep the scalabilty approach then dedicated server cannot beat the Cloud Virtual Private Server. So when do we need to use the dedicated server? Still it is very useful option, it is completely essential if you have any specific hardware requirements, or you want to have complete control on the data privacy. In a dedicated server, there is no one on the server except you, so in a security and data privacy point of view dedicated server is unbeaten.

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Cheap Wordpress Hosting in Pakistan - When we talk about managed wordpress hosting, some people can say that it is not a type of hosting, we completely agree with you, technically it is not a type of hosting, it is just a combination of additional services with a web hosting package. As the Wordpress has become so reknown, and hosting companies have cattered a special package for hosting wordpress websites, then it is worth discussing here that what exactly this hosting is, it might help to all those webmasters who are not technically aware of these terminology. As the name explains, in managed wordpress hosting, the technical stuff is being managed by the hosting company to run your wordpress website smoothly. In this package some additional services are also included such as daily backups, security, scalability, updates and speed improvement. The main concept behind creating such a package is to make the things simpler and as easy as possible for the webmasters so that they can concentrate on promoting, expanding and growing their business, rather than wasting time in implementing new things on wordpress for the sake of optimization.

Wordpress Hosting in Pakistan - If a company does not provide Managed Wordpress hosting, and you have hosted your website with them, then if you are facing any issue related to wordpress and you have decided to contact the support team to resolve the issue. Then it might be possible that you could not get the ideal solution to your problem, because usaually those people who do not have technical expertise of wordpress CMS, might try to help you by reading from manual. Whereas in the case of Managed wordpress hosting, the support is usually great, as the company has hired the experts for this job who usually have plenty of experience with Wordpress Content Management system. Such companies have usually great experience of running the wordpress website smoothly, it does not matter how massive the traffic your website gets. As we told you, the main speciality of this hosting type is the additional services, so the security is really tight on these servers, and your website is constantly scanned for malicious code. When you opt for managed Wordpress hosting plan, you make your website very secure, as now it is the duty of the company to ensure that all hacking attempts are blocked. As we know these days, no system is 100% hacking proof, but with Managed Wordpress Hosting you website is maximum hacker-proof, as much possible.

Script Hosting in Pakistan - In it all the updates are installed automatically and the backups are made on day to day basis. So now you don't need to download the backup on your own, company is doing this job for you and if you ever need to restore your website then your backup will be maximum one day old. As the CMS and plugins are automatically updated by your host, so there will be no way for the hackers to enter into your website. These were some benefits of using Managed Wordpress Hosting, but like every other hosting plans, this package also have some drawbacks.