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Web Hosting in Karachi

If you are looking for best web hosting company in Karachi, then look no further, we are among the top web hosting companies in Karachi. PkDomain is well known for providing affordable and reliable domain hosting solutions without compromising the quality and efficiency. We are offering a wide range of e-business services which includes web designing, app development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, domain registration and web hosting in Karachi. We have thousands of satisfied clients and have several years of experience so we can design dynamic database driven solutions for your website at relatively low price as compared to rest of the companies working in Karachi. Client satisfaction is our top priority, that is the reason we are one of the most successful web hosting company in Pakistan. With the help of cPanel, by using softaculous you can install many CMS like WordPress, Magento and Drupal etc by merely a single click, and can build your website instantly.

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Web Hosting in Karachi - PkDomain is offering Cheap Domain Registration and Web Hosting in Karachi. If you want to build a website to promote your products, services or business then you will need a domain name and a web hosting package. From our company you can register a domain name in any extension. Our company is one of the top reseller of PKNIC and can provide you cheap .pk domain. If you want to create a website with local touch, then it is a good idea to register a domain name with .pk domain extension. We can also register .edu.pk, .gov.pk etc domains for you on providing complete documentation. We are providing Windows and Linux OS based web hosting and our dedicated servers are located in the most secured data centers of World, in the countries of UK, USA and Canada. We are offering a free .com, .net, .org, or .info domain with annual web hosting package. You can also get a free .pk domain on two years web hosting package subscription.

Web Hosting in Karachi

Cheap Web Hosting in Karachi - Karachi which is capital of Sindh province of Pakistan is the most populated city of country and third most populated city in the world. It is the premier financial and industrial centre of Pakistan. It is also most cosmopolitan city of country and is situated on the Arabian Sea. It is the home to two of Pakistan largest seaports and serves as transportation hub. It also carries the busiest airport in Pakistan. This city was founded in 1729 as the fortified village of Kolachi. In 19th century with the arrival of British East India Company the city was transformed into the major seaport and was also connected with extensive railway network. At the time of inception of Pakistan, it was the largest city in Sindh with a population of 400,000. After the independence of Pakistan hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees moved to this city from India and the population of the country increased dramatically. The city experienced very fast economic growth after independence and attracted the migrants from South Asia and throughout the country. Religiously, Linguistically and ethnically it is one of the most diverse city of Pakistan and have a total population of 14.9 million according to 2017 census of Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing cities and is the 6th most populated metropolitan area. It is home to over 1 million Afghan refugees, 2 million Bangladeshi immigrants.

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Now it is the premier financial and industrial centre of Pakistan and the city has a formal economy of estimated worth $113 billion as of 2014. It collects almost third of Pakistan's whole tax revenue and generates almost twentry percent of Pakistan's GDP. The ports of this city handles almost 95% of foreign trade and almost 30% of Pakistan's industrial output is from Karachi. Most of the headquarters of multinational companies working in Pakistan are operating in Karachi. It is also known as the City of Lights due to its vibrant nightlife. Since the Pakistan's independence the Karachi is the commercial and financial capital of Pakistan. This city has been the centre of nation's economy.