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Web Hosting in Lahore

In Punjab Province the capital city is Lahore, it is the 2nd most populated city of Pakistan. It is located in the north-eastern area of Punjab region, near the Indian border of Punjab State. It is one of the welthiest cities of the country with a GDP of 58.14 billion dollars as per 2014. It is one of the most progressive, socially liberal and cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan and is the historical cultural centre of the Punab province. Lahore has been ruled by numerous empires throughout the history including Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Delhi Sultanate and reached at the peaks of splendour during the reign of Mughal Empire. This city was captured by Nader Shah in 1739, a percial emperor. It became the capital of Sikh EMpire in early 19th, later on Lahore was annexed to British Empire and made capital of British Punjab. It was centre of independence movements of both India and Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Lahore was declared the capital of Pakistan's Punjab province, and now it is the most populated Punjabi city in the world.

Web Hosting Company in Lahore

This city has a great cultural influence over Pakistan. It is also the main centre of publishing industry. Lahore Literary Festival is organized in this city every year which is considered as one of the South Asia's premier cultural events. As some of the leading educational universities are situated in Lahore, so it is also the major centre of education in Pakistan. It is also the main centre of Qawawali music and home to the film industry Lollywood. There are many historical places in this city such as Walled City, Wazir Khan and Badshahi mosques, Shalimar Garden and Lahore Fort etc. Lahore is also known as the educational capital of the country as it holds more colleges and universities than any other city of Pakistan. It is largest producer of professionals in the field of Engineering, Science, Technology, IT, Nuclear Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacology, telecommunication, microelectronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The literacy rate of the city is 74% and the city holds some of the most ancient educational institutes.

Lahore is the capital of Punjab province, in recent decades the industry in Lahore has shifted from manufacturing to service industires. According to recent reports, 42% of employed people are working in banking, finance, real estate, community, cultural and social services. Lahore city is the Pakistan's largest hardware & software producing centre, and hosts a fastly growing computer-assembly industry. It is also the hub of publication, as 80% of the country's books are published in it. It is the centre of educational, cultural and literacy activities in Pakistan. The city has many high-rises and skyscrapers including Arfa Software Technology Park.

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