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Web Hosting in Sialkot

Sialkot is the 12th most populous city in Pakistan and it is located in Punjab Province more precisely it is located in the north east Punjab region of the country. Industries are very well developed in this region of country. Gujrat and Gujranwala are nearby cities to Sialkot and thus forms the so called Golded Triangle of Industrial cities with export-oriented economies. It is believed to be the site of ancient Sagala, a city razed by Alexander the Gread in 326 BCE. Then in second centry BCE it was made the capital of the Indo-Greek by Menander I. It was the time when this city became well known as major centre for trade and Buddhist thought. It has been the major centre of political activities, until it was eclipsed by Lahore around the turn of 1st mellennium. Then later on in British era the city rose again and got prominence and now it is one of the most important industrial centre in Pakistan.

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The city is home to the Sialkot International Airport, which is first privately own public airport in the country. It is a wealthy city as compared to other cities in South Asia, with a per capita income of $2800 according to 2014 estimate. It has productive business climate and entrepreneurial spirit and has emerged as a world class manufacturing hub. This relatively small city has exported about 10% of Pakistan exports in 2015 which is worth of $2 billion and set an example fo the other cities. Allama Iqbal, the philosopher-poet, who is credited for inspiring the Pakistan Movement, was born into a Kashmiri family in Sialkot in 1877. His family had converted to Islam from Hinduism in the early 1400s.

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