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About Wordpress

Wordpress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. To function, WordPress has to be installed on a web server. Wordpress is used by 30.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018. Wordpress was created in 2003 is one of the most widely used content management sysment (CMS) / blogging platform that allows the creation of any kind of website in PHP without the knowledge of code. In plain words, WordPress makes it very easy to create and manage a world-class-website. Every day millions of bloggers, business owners and publishers use Wordpress to maintain their online presence. Wordpress hosting is a type of web hosting which is optimized especially for websites built on Wordpress CMS. In this kind of hosting you can install WordPress website quite easily just merely with a single click. Our WordPress hosting plans are designed to provide you complete security, optimized speed, scalability, backups and automated updates.

Although it sounds complicated if a software is written in PHP, and you have no knowledge of coding. But you can think of this CMS as a piece of software which is being created only to make it easy to create and edit your website. It is very simple to you, to get started you will enter the admin panel to your website, add the credential and log into your dashboard and from there you can create new blog posts, publish pages, and update the visual appearance of your website and much more. It is a very fast and powerful tool for publishing content online. You do not need any coding skills to publish your content online. This software stores all data into database in an organized form of posts, pages, user accounts, permalinks and uses the advanced frameworks that manages everything on the fly. That is the reason it is the most trusted, widely used, very fast and powerful tool of publishing online. As it is open source, which means it is totally free and their is not any setup fees or annual cost, except the hosting charges which you will bear to host your website online on a physical server, so it became available on the world wide web. It is considered as one of the best way to create your business website online, and have thousands of themes and plugins to customize your website according to your needs without even basic knowledge of coding.

Why USE Manage Wordpress Hosting?

Instead of spending hours to manage your WordPress installation, configuring plugins, and taking backups, we highly recommend you to concentrate on creating excellent content for your blog posts and leave the technicalities on us. Our Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of all the factors from Wordpress installations to plugins configuration, speed optimization and daily backups. Instead of spending hours on learning and understanding technicalities, which have very less to do with your business, think about new ways of promoting your business online, and think about more creative ideas to build your brand online. Managed WP Hosting is a special product created especially for the websites which are built on Wordpress CMS, with this kind of hosting you get valuable features of enhanced security, great uptime, very fast speed, automatic updates, daily backups and premium support.

Why Would i Need Managed Wordpress Hosing?

It is a very common question in most of the web site owners, that is it really worth to spend some extra money on hosting the form of Managed WordPress hosting, the answer is very simple, if you have got big plans for your website, then it really makes sense to spend some extra bucks. Here are some of the benefits of Managed Wordpress hosting in detail:

Specifically Optimized for WordPress

In this kind of hosting, the server are especially configured and optimized for Wordpress Alone. A general rule of thumb is a specialist service is alwasy far much better than a general one.


With Managed WP hosting all the softwares and plugins in your website are automatically updated to the latest version, so your website is always at highest performance and you will not need to check and install updates.

Bulletproof Security

The best incentive of managed hosting is the enhanced security. Your website is better guarded against hackers and other security issues by auto-updates and special hosting environment. In addition the hosting company performs frequent security checks to actively remove any malware if available.

Super Speed

The best hosting companies provide a built in caching and oftenly provide a CDN to supercharge the speed of your website. A fast speed website can increase your sales, conversions and will give best user experience. This would have been impossible or will have taken atleast too much time, effort and skills without managed WordPress hosting. So if you want to increase speed of your website to maximum fast, move your hosting package to managed WordPress hosting plan.


With managed Wordpress hosting, the data of your website i backed up on daily basis. So you do not need to worry about the website data even if the worst thing happens!

24/7 Support

With managed WordPress hosting one of the best thing you get is premium support, so if you ever face any unexpected errors then you can skip the queue and talk directly with our web developers to resolve the issue in minutes. It is always good to know that there is an expert available to you on the other end of phone, to resolve all your web hosting related issues on top priority.

Flexible & Scalable for Huge Traffic

With managed hosting your website will not crash with sudden spike of traffic and you can easily manage a lot more traffic than on a shared web hosting.

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